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Are You Giving Back? 3 Tips on How to Give While Protecting Your Budget

Are You Giving Back? 3 Tips on How to Give While Protecting Your Budget

As we all give thanks for our loved ones and the blessings in our lives, we want to take a moment to give back by thanking our clients because we consider you family. The relationships we have developed are based on care, trust and dedication to growth.  We are so very thankful and wish you and your family success and well-being.

As we move into the season of joy, praise and giving, we leave you with three tips for navigating the holidays successfully:

  1. Volunteerism – It warms the soul and can bring your family, your group of friends or your co-workers together in a more meaningful way. Helping others leaves a more lasting warmth in the heart than spending money on a Secret Santa gift exchange.  Why not start a new tradition?  Are you a Nonprofit professional or board member? Please send us a list of ways others can give their time to YOUR organization this Holiday Season.  Let us connect you with those who want to give back! Contact us for our best recommendations for volunteer opportunities!
  2. Give the gift of Time – Remember that the best gifts are your attention, kindness and TIME. Time is such a precious commodity in this day of busy schedules and many responsibilities. Taking those moments to stop and give the gift of yourself, being present without distraction and cherishing relationships is the greatest act of respect and love.
  3. Spend, Spend, Spend – Everyone loves a bargain right? Don’t let the thrill of the hunt cause you to overspend.  If you are swept up in the moment of a Black Friday buying frenzy, and add unnecessary items to your shopping cart, you may bust your budget while “saving money.” No need buy one in every color just because it is a good deal!

Have a list, stick with the plan, and bring a frugal friend or family member along who is the voice of reason.   Remember your budget when shopping and consider bringing CASH ONLY to limit your expenditures.  You don’t want to dread receiving your next credit card bill! If you must shop, shop smart! Try one of these apps to scan the bar code to ensure that you’re really saving the most money.  The simple act of taking a moment to research that deal with a price comparison also gives you pause to decide if you REALLY need it or not.  CLICK here for best price comparison apps

Now is the time to start planning for next year with a “new you with a new budget”! We are here to help with your budgeting needs so 2016 will be prosperous year!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Many blessings,

Ronda & Cortez Hughey


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