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We Love NonProfits! Why we specialize in Nonprofit Accounting!

Why do we specialize in Nonprofit accounting?

After serving as the fiscal officer in a nonprofit, Ronda understands how these organizations are the heart of our communities. The people and volunteers that work in nonprofit organizations give themselves tirelessly to the causes and people that they serve.

Most non profits operate with stretched resources, limited administration and operations overhead and every employee wears many hats.

Meticulous financial accountability for Non Profits is critical to promote confidence with the stakeholders and donors who fund the programs that fulfill the organizations mission and serve their communities.

We feel like this responsibility is not to be taken lightly and the experience needed to best serve non profits goes way beyond “bookkeeping”. It’s about understanding the complex financial, legal and regulatory responsibilities of a non profit as well as the limited staffing and budget resources that are the nature of non profits.

Hughey’s Debits and Credits gives Non Profits an advantage by increasing trust, confidence and credibility with their board members, donors and constituents and the communities they serve.

We LOVE Non Profits! If you serve on a board or support a Nonprofit organization, let us know if we can help them maximize their resources and increase donor trust and confidence!

Until next time…..

-Ronda and Cortez Hughey




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